lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Importance of incorporation of ICT

Why the interest of governments in promoting new technologies and ICTs?

I talked about what is an ICT in this post

Well, now businesses have to work in a new context, the context of the information and communication.

Most businesses will need to manage huge quantity of information, and this part is easier with an Intranet and an Extranet, this systems helps to share, update and use the information between suppliers, clients and employees much faster. With this systems businesses may also save time and improve productivity, and as you know, time is equal to money.

According to figures from the OECD at the end of the 90s, between 40% and 50% of improving productivity is related to the incorporation of technology in a company´s production processes.

As you can see on this bar graph, the diference between EEUU and EU is big, and that is because in Europe we are far behind USA and Canada in terms of productivity (nowadays this difference is not so big). In europe we need to improve our productivity and we can do this with the integration and implantation of ICTs that help businesses to make more with less resources.

Companies must understand the need to incorporate ICT tools in their daily operation. Companies that stay on the sidelines or delay the introduction of ICT in their internal operations and in their business relations will put in danger not only their competitiveness but even their survival.

So, in conclusion, the incorporance of ICTs to businesses it's really importance if you want to improve competitiveness and productivity.

The revolution in information technology and communication (ICT) and especially Internet, has made available a great deal of information to SMEs that could be essential.

The application of ICT means that SME may have the same resources applied to each link in the chain of value that a large company has.

Incorporating these technologies can help SMEs to innovate in their business model to become more competitive and grow without over-costs.

Companies must identify which processes can be improved and made more profitable with the application of technology.

Do not invest and incorporate new ICT tools without making a study of the needs and possibilities for

It must seek transformation processes using technology, and this ICT tools must give support to procedures.

And that is all for today, hopefully you will find this article useful for you.


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